Monday, September 12, 2011

Time for Work Again!

Returning to work after completing chemotherapy can be a very anxiety-driven time. For many survivors, this anxiety is based on fears such as:

  • Fear that fatigue will prevent them from keeping up with the pace of their job.
  • Fear of the impact their chemo brain will have on their ability to do their job well.
  • And for some, it’s a fear of what the future will bring.

Returning to work should be viewed as a sign of gaining back some normalcy in life and can be eased into with the right preparation. You may ask, “How do I do this?” Here are some tips to help prepare you for a great first day back on the job:

  • Use the old standby suggestion of making lists, using a daily planner or monthly calendar to keep organized. It really does help.
  • Practice doing word and number games or puzzles to get your mind thinking again and sharp as a tack.
  • Meditate or practice a deep breathing relaxation exercise every day to reduce anxiety.
  • Consider a Loving Kindness Meditation and spread the love to yourself as well as your co-workers.
  • Start back to work part-time if possible, especially for the first week or two.
  • Allow time in your day to rest - even a few minutes will make you feel rejuvenated.
  • Take a walk at lunch time and get some fresh air.
  • But most of all have faith in yourself and your abilities.

After all, you are a SURVIVOR!

~ Lorraine Silvano, LCSW, OSW-C
Buddy Kemp Cancer Support Center

Friday, September 2, 2011

To the Summit!

Our very own Teal Diva, Shannon Routh, posted on her blog that today is summit day on their trek to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Check out her journey thus far, and help us in wishing her well on her ascent!